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Why Use WhiteRaven

Industry Standards

One of the platforms that was adopted by the Forex Industry years ago was the MetaTrader4 Platform. Even though a newer version is available, it still remains the most widely used.

One of the features in the MT4 Platform is the ability to use robot software that can be activated on a Trading Account. This type of software is called an Expert Advisor.

Expert Advisors either analyze the market conditions and trade on trends, using algorithms to predict movements based on the law of probability or other types of systems work with a predetermined system that can work on any currency pair in practically all market conditions.

The WRFX software contains two EA's combining both systems.

The WhiteRavenFX Expert Advisors

The WhiteRavenFX accounts are traded in a combination of strategies. This decreases the chances of a large drawdawn. An account's 'maximum drawdawn' means that the maximum amount of consecutive losses an account has suffered.

In Forex any trading system will make both Profit and Loss. The 'trick' is to have more profitable trades than losing trades. The strategies are complementary to each other and will not interfere. This is essential for spreading your trading risk.

Further risk spreading is obtained by spreading every strategy across multiple currency pairs and decreasing the footprint of each of the trades. WhiteRavenFX software customers can rely on the fact that we relentlessly keep updating and upgrading our systems.